Open Source Projects

Early in my front-end developer career I started contributing to open source projects. One of those projects was, at a time, one of the most used jQuery plugins for form validation.

Doing open source is special; you always have contribution peaks and unless you have other contributors, it is really hard to maintain multiple projects while working on other parts of your career. I was fortunate to have contributors on some of my open source projects that helped me stay afloat. I listed some of my open source projects below but my github account is more the whole picture. Please remember that some of those projects can be quite old.

jQuery Validation Engine

This project started 11 years ago at a time where all front-end validation solutions were pretty ugly. I wanted a solution that could take seconds to implement and had a good look. Fast forward 6 years and the project has been downloaded more than 300,000 times (not joking), been featured in Smashing Magazine, forked more than a 1,000 times and is currently being watched by more than 1,800 users on github.

The project is still being maintained by other contributers.

Project Page

Inker: a workflow solution for creating better email templates

Inker is one of the best ways to build email templates; you can take control of your html and never again have this big mess of tables you can't understand.

Project Page

Automatic release notes issues with Github

Writing release notes is painful. This plugin takes the hard work out and connects directly linked to your GitHub repository and mashes up some release notes by you using your milestones, issues and comments. It comes with a website but can also be plugged in anywhere.

Project Page

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