WeddingDeck :

The Context:

Getting married is one of the wonderful things in life. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most stressful experience a couple has to handle in their life. They both become project managers and not everyone is cut off for this job.

What if there was a solution that would not only help the groom get organized but also improve the workflow of professional wedding planners; a product they could use everyday. At CakeMail, I learned a lot about building white label apps, and the idea of creating a product that could appeal to both consumer and professional alike was instinctive; generating revenues from both sides is a fun idea (not that it is always a good idea).

The plan:

I started to build a small set of features that could put WeddingDeck on the map. Products in this market were pretty basic in 2012 and it seemed that there were no modern apps of this kind.

My priority was not only the make handling all the wedding tasks easier but also to improve the wedding experience as a whole. That meant that instead of sending invites by mail, you could send e-vites and get a real time list of people that have accepted your invitation which makes the reminder process much easier.

Each account also included their own wedding website with integrated maps for both the wedding and reception, a printable interactive seating plan and everything else to make listing simpler. A user system made it possible to invite your friends to help you with your wedding within the app.

On the pro version, each wedding planner had an unlimited number of weddings with the same features as a normal user. The planner could very simply upload a logo the would replace the WeddingDeck logo as it was now their application without any mention of Weddingdeck at all, giving them an edge when competing for a contract.

The pro version also had a more advanced user management layering system, making it possible to manage all of their accounts.

The result:

I sold the project in 2013 after signing more than 10,000 members & having some small press, this was a side project & at that time having a tight schedule at work I decided that selling it would be better than keeping the project & doing nothing with it.

On my blog I explain what exactly happened better and you can also have a look at the Weddingdeck marketing website.

Articles I wrote about WeddingDeck (from 2012):

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